Changing The Way You Market Your Brand

“Stop trying to sell everything, instead use marketing to help customer buy”

Before planning any marketing strategy, it is important to understand how your customer will behave. Technology has changed the way marketer and consumers are interacting with each other. Information is just one click away from consumers. In such scenario, if you are not marketing your brand digitally, then you are surely behind in the race.
Online medium empowers consumers. Digital world and social media influence the way we behave socially, we do business, our life choices and our choices as a customer and users. The new generation of consumers are vocal about their choices and don’t hesitate from sharing their opinions regarding any brand.

Touch points for the brands

There are various touch points where a brand interacts with its customers. Traditionally these touch points are billboards, TV Advertisements, Radio Advertisements, PPC , Search Ranking, website etc. With digital era, consumers have a plethora of information. Their paths to touch points are becoming complicated. This new path has various touch points like blogs, reviews, online video, tutorials, tutorial videos, case studies, mobile app, and social media pages. This new path is cross channel. It is affected by both traditional and digital platforms.

Do you know users search for information online regarding your business before taking a decision?

Do you know 70% of consumers look at product review before buying the product?

Do you know 90% of consumers admit that they find custom content useful?

Do you know more than 80% of consumers use smart phones for shopping?

Do you know people spend approx 2 hours per day on social media platforms?

Do you know Social Sharing causes consumers to act?

Digital presence of your brand gives you a powerful way to get in touch with your consumers. With strong digital marketing strategy any brand can compete with any bigger brand in the segment. The overall cost also comes down. With more sharable and customer centric content great exposure for brand is easy. Incorporating a proper digital strategy in your marketing strategy gives it wings.